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atuin sync

Atuin can back up your history to a server, and use this to ensure multiple machines have the same shell history. This is all encrypted end-to-end, so the server operator can never see your data!

Anyone can host a server (try atuin server start, more docs to follow), but I host one at This is the default server address, which can be changed in the config. Again, I cannot see your data, and do not want to.

Sync frequency

Syncing will happen automatically, unless configured otherwise. The sync frequency is configurable in config


You can manually trigger a sync with atuin sync


Register for a sync account with

atuin register -u <USERNAME> -e <EMAIL> -p <PASSWORD>

Usernames must be unique, and emails shall only be used for important notifications (security breaches, changes to service, etc).

Upon success, you are also logged in :) Syncing should happen automatically from here!


As all your data is encrypted, Atuin generates a key for you. It's stored in the Atuin data directory (~/.local/share/atuin on Linux).

You can also get this with

atuin key

Never share this with anyone!


If you want to log in to a new machine, you will require your encryption key (atuin key).

atuin login -u <USERNAME> -p <PASSWORD> -k <KEY>


atuin logout