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Ellie Huxtable

Announcing a new release of Atuin! v14 is out now. Atuin allows you to easily search and sync your shell history across many machines. Get started here

You can update your installation via your system package manager, or by downloading the latest release from the release page.

This release introduces some breaking changes, so please ensure all Atuin clients and servers are updated or sync may not complete. If you have any issues, please try atuin sync --force

We had a lot of changes in this release - I'll call out a few, but this is not exhaustive. Read the changelog below for the full list!


New Featuresโ€‹


You can now delete history! This has been our longest-standing issue, and one we are frequently asked about. So it's great to get it out! It took us a while due to the nature of sync, and we wanted to try several different approaches. There is still no way to delete history from the UI, however you can now pass the --delete flag to any atuin search command to delete all history matching the query. I suggest you run the search without the delete flag first, just to check what you are removing

For example, to delete all commands that start with psql:

atuin search --delete --search-mode prefix psql


We now support NuShell! This was a huge effort by @stevenxxiu, and involved work on both Atuin and NuShell itself. The effort was greatly appreciated, thank you so much ๐Ÿ’–

Run in Nushell:

mkdir ~/.local/share/atuin/
atuin init nu | save ~/.local/share/atuin/

Add to

source ~/.local/share/atuin/


Inline history UIโ€‹

inline history

Another of our biggest asks - the UI can now be configured so that it does not take the entire screen. Thank you to @pdecat

Simply add

# Choose a height for the inline history search
inline_height = 40

to your Atuin config file, and you're good to go!

We didn't sort it in time for v14, but in v15 you will also be able to configure the UI more deeply - for instance, change the position of the search bar.

We have also added an alternative new search mode! This uses skim behind the scenes. Check it out with search_mode = "skim". Thank you @conradludgate


Atuin now provisionally supports Windows! We cannot provide full support + releases won't be tested to the same level on Windows, however a few contributors have now been building + running on the platform without issues. Thank you so much to @YummyOreo for this one!

Command previewโ€‹


Previously, longer commands would be cut off in the UI. Thanks to @pdecat, we now have a preview window! Enable it with a show_preview = true


  • Bash import improved
  • Prefer PWD env variable over cwd to better handle symlinks
  • Ignore common prefixes and subcommands in stats calculations
  • Add musl build
  • Add atuin status command to check sync status


Since the last release, we have printed some stickers!

If you'd like one, please fill out one of the following:

New contributorsโ€‹

A special thank you to everyone who contributed for the first time in this release!

Sync server statsโ€‹

I've ran a public sync server since the very beginning, and thought I'd share some stats from it! Bear in mind all data is encrypted, so the data we can see is only very high level.

In March, we saw:

  • 2,031,355 history lines synced up, with a total of 13,077,001
  • 137 new users, with a total of 1136 (we passed 1000!)

We also cleared 500 monthly active users for the first time! See the charts below for DAU/WAU/MAU

Full changelogโ€‹

Next releaseโ€‹

While this release was pretty big, we have a lot planned for the next one too! It should be out around the beginning of May.


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Ellie Huxtable

We have since released patch v13.0.1. v13 had a regression exposed when trying to register a new user. This would only affect people self-hosting Atuin Server. Please update!

Announcing a new release of Atuin! v13 is out now. Atuin allows you to easily search and sync your shell history across many machines.

You can update your installation via your system package manager, or by downloading the latest release from the release page.

We had a lot of changes in this release - I'll call out a few, but this is not exhaustive.


Deserving of a special callout, we now use Crossterm as our TUI backend - this has been a huge effort, and has taken almost a year. Thank you to Conrad for pushing through it, and @pdecat for your contributions!

In the future this will allow for things like (possible) Windows support, and only using a small part of the screen for the search UI. It also handles async input better.

Please let us know if you experience any issues!

New featuresโ€‹

Pretty Statsโ€‹

stats image

While procrastinating writing his talk, Conrad added a new and improved stats display! Just run atuin stats to see your statistics. It'd be awesome to see what yours looks like, so please share it with us on Twitter or Discord!

Custom history list formatโ€‹

List history however you want! You can now specify the output format of atuin history list


atuin history list --format "{time} - [{duration}] - {directory}$\t{command}"

See more on the docs page!

History filterโ€‹

The history filter allows you to exclude commands from history tracking - maybe you want to keep ALL of your curl commands totally out of your shell history, or maybe just some matching a pattern.

This supports regular expressions, so you can hide pretty much whatever you want! Thanks for the PR @jbaiter

Configure it in your client-side Atuin config, for example

## Note that these regular expressions are unanchored, i.e. if they don't start
## with ^ or end with $, they'll match anywhere in the command.
history_filter = [
"^innocuous-cmd .*--secret=.+"

Mnemonic key (BIP39)โ€‹

Previously, it was awkward to copy your Atuin key from machine to machine. Even more awkward to back it up!

We now use BIP39 to display your key in a nice + easily readable haiku-style format. Still - please don't share it!


  • Better error messages
  • Nix install files + instructions
  • Exit when pushing the down arrow from the most recent entry
  • Refactor to support generic server-side databases
  • Make it easier to disable the ctrl-r and/or up arrow bindings
  • Update to axum6


  • Fish now handles multi-line commands properly
  • Listing history for the current session now works
  • Fix atuin init for Fish

Contributor Shoutout!โ€‹















New Contributorsโ€‹

I very much appreciate the work from all contributors, but a special mention to everyone who made their first contribution in this release, no matter how large or small

Future plansโ€‹

I've been talking about it for ages and ages, but now that my life has finally settled down I'm going to be focusing on getting deletions out for the next release. We will be switching to an event-based sync, which should allow for many more features and cool things in the future!

Other changesโ€‹


I spoke about Atuin at FOSDEM! If you want to know more about the project + video is your thing, you can watch it here


Well... this is new. Previously I never bothered writing much about new releases, and basically just used the autogenerated GitHub release. The docs should be much easier to find here too!


We now have a Mastodon account over on Hachyderm! @atuin


I also opened a Twitter account for Atuin - @atuinsh

If you fancy chatting to us about anything here, or otherwise, please feel free to drop by the Discord!

Full Changelog: