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Synced history


What you get with Atuin

Shell history sync

Sync your shell history to all of your machines, wherever they are

End-to-end encryption

All data is encrypted, and can only be read by you

Efficient search

Search decades of shell history, and recall it in an instant. Atuin offers configurable full text or fuzzy search, filterable by host, directory, etc.

Open source

Atuin is open source with a permissive license, and has a growing community

Data import

Bring your existing history with you - Atuin supports importing from a wide variety of formats

Store extra context

Atuin stores extra context with your commands - working directory, exit code, and more!

Accelerate your productivity in 2 minutes

Step 1: Run the install script

Run our install script to get setup with the Atuin binary and shell plugin

Step 2: Register

Optionally sign up for Atuin Cloud Sync, or self-host your own sync server

Step 3: Search

Enjoy enhanced ctrl-r, and keep your history forever

Cargo prefix search


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you read my shell history?

No. Atuin is fully end-to-end encrypted. Without your key, nobody can see a thing. Read more about our encryption here!

Do I have to register?

If you would like to sync your shell history, registration is required. Otherwise, you can use Atuin locally as a fully-offline enhanced history search tool

What if I still don't trust your server?

If you would rather operate + maintain your own sync server then we have a guide here! Atuin supports self-hosting.

What technology does Atuin use?

Atuin is written in Rust, and stores your data in SQLite. Both technologies are known for being fast and reliable

What shells can I use Atuin with?

Atuin currently supports Bash, ZSH, Fish and NuShell

What if I have more questions?

Our docs go into much further detail, but if your question is still not answered then please do feel free to drop in on our Discord


Making your shell magical